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Sunil Mishra
Partner, Primary Investments
Sergey Sheshuryak
Partner, Primary Investments
James Korczak
Partner, Primary Investments

Emerging managers can provide an edge in pursuing niche, overlooked or special strategies, say Adams Street’s Sunil Mishra, Sergey Sheshuryak and James Korczak to Buyouts Magazine.

“Adams Street seeks to invest in exceptional companies in technology, healthcare, advanced manufacturing and changing consumer preferences sectors. These are businesses that we believe stand to benefit from long-term secular change, dislocation and growth – for example, from the digitization of the global economy. Our manager selection tends to follow this bias and often emerging managers are more focused on these disruptions.”
Sunil Mishra, Partner, Primary Investments

Learn more about Adams Street’s perspective in the full article titled “Keynote Interview: From Upstarts to Titans” in the June issue of Buyouts.

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