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Global Opportunities

With over 50 years of deep relationships with market-leading general partners across the globe, Adams Street partners with some of the most oversubscribed and sought-after general partners in the market – opportunities that are often closed to new investors or are significantly capacity constrained.

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Our Approach

We partner with what we believe are the industry’s top-tier private equity fund managers who can repeatedly identify, invest in, and add value to potential market-leading companies.

Our relationships, research, and integrated platform generate valuable market intelligence. Our disciplined analysis of this information means we have a high degree of preparedness which can enable us to act decisively on oversubscribed, “invite-only” opportunities.

We have trusted, decades-long relationships and a strong history as a limited partner. As a result, we believe that we have created strong relationships with spin-out managers, providing us with next generation general partner deal flow.



We have been an active investor in private equity funds since 1979 and have longstanding relationships with some of the world’s most sought-after general partners.

Privileged Relationships

Recent primary investments demonstrate Adams Street’s proven ability to partner with some of the most sought-after and oversubscribed managers.

Proprietary Knowledge

We leverage the extensive networks of our team members and the data we have collected over the past four decades to develop a differentiated view on the private equity market.

Global Perspective

We are a single, cohesive team strategically located around the globe. Every investment professional is focused on pursuing the best opportunities in the world regardless of geography, stage, or subclass.

Customized Flexibility

By integrating advanced analytics into our investment process, we have the ability to participate in a diverse range of targeted portfolios as an investor.


Dedicated Primary Team on an Integrated Platform

We believe people are fundamental to the pursuit of partnering with high-quality general partners. With combined 300+ years of experience among our Partners, Adams Street’s Primary Investment Team brings a wealth of strategy-specific knowledge, experience, and relationships to our firm.

Meet Our Team

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