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Buyouts Magazine: Co-Investment Advantages Boost Investor Interest

Co-investments can add incremental, tactical private equity exposure for a typically lower all-in cost, say David Brett, Michael Taylor and Craig Waslin to Buyouts Magazine.

Buyouts Magazine: From Upstarts to Titans

Buyouts spoke with Sunil Mishra, Sergey Sheshuryak, and James Korczak to discuss why emerging managers can provide an edge in pursuing niche, overlooked, or special strategies.
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It’s a Case of ‘BuyIRR Beware’ for Private Equity Investors as Headwinds Compress Multiples

“BuyIRR Beware” is the mantra we believe investors need to heed when selecting private equity managers. The ability to distinguish between repeatable alpha and unsustainable beta will be critical to outperformance as economic headwinds compress deal multiples.
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Buyout Managers Can’t Lean on Leverage Amid Higher Rates, Slower Growth

As interest rates rise and growth slows, buyout managers who rely on leverage to generate returns are likely to underperform those with deep sector and operational capabilities that generate value through accelerating revenue and profit growth.
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From Upstart to Titan: Why Emerging Managers Can Provide an Edge

Adams Street’s primary investment team analyzes the parameters that go into selecting emerging managers who lack the record of more established peers.
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A Conversation with Hg’s Steven Batchelor

Steven Batchelor, a Partner, the Chief Operating Officer and a Board Director at Hg in London talks with Adams Street's Gregory Holden about strategic alignment between private equity managers and their clients.

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