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Five Decades of Private Markets Experience

Adams Street Partners is regarded as one of the most experienced and respected private markets firms in the industry today. Since the inception of our firm, we have consistently provided our investors with a comprehensive perspective in all areas of private markets investments, drawing upon five decades of experience, knowledge, and relationships.

Our professional philosophy is simple and remains unchanged from five decades ago; we pride ourselves on providing outstanding client service.

Experience. Integrity. Always.

Adams Street Timeline

1972: Commenced Direct Investing at First National Bank of Chicago

1979: Established the Industry’s First Fund of Funds

1984: First Separate Account

1985: Established the First Industry Benchmarks with Thomson Reuters

1986: First Secondary Investment

1988: Played Integral Role in the Creation of Valuation Guidelines for The PE Industry; Established One of the Industry’s First Dedicated Secondary Funds

1989: Commenced Co-investing; Spun Out as Brinson Partners, Inc.

1992: Helped Establish AIMR/CFA Performance Guidelines for the Industry

1995: Brinson Partners, Inc. Joined Swiss Bank Corporation and Subsequently UBS AG

1997: Opened First Non-US Office in London and Began International Investing Program

1999: Began Dedicated Research in Asia

2000: Inducted into Private Equity Hall of Fame

2001: Became Employee-Owned and 100% Independent Following Spin Out from UBS AG

2004: First Commitment to India

2005: First Commitment to China

2006: Opened Menlo Park and Singapore Offices

2009: First Commitment to Latin America

2011: Opened Beijing Office

2014: Opened Tokyo Office

2016: Opened New York and Boston Offices; Established Dedicated Private Credit Team

2017: 45 Years in Private Equity; Opened Munich and Seoul Offices

2021: Opened Austin Office

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