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Brijesh Jeevarathnam
Partner & Global Head of Fund Investments
Saguna Malhotra
Partner & Head of Global Buyout Fund Investments

Even in choppy markets, big opportunities remain for tech investors, say Adams Street’s Partner and Co-Head of Global Venture Fund Investments Brijesh Jeevarathnam, and Primary Investments Partner Saguna Malhotra to Buyouts Magazine.

“If you look at the average IPO size (for a venture-funded company) back in the 1990s, it was typically in the hundreds of millions of dollars (in enterprise value at time of IPO). Now, IPO valuations for venture-backed companies can be in the tens of billions of dollars. In other words, for the best venture-backed companies, the longer time gestating in the private markets frequently results in bigger absolute outcome.”
Brijesh Jeevarathnam, Partner & Co-Head of Global Venture Fund Investments, Primary Investments

Learn more about how Adams Street sees the private tech market evolving in the full article titled “Keynote Interview: The Evolving Investment Opportunity in Private Tech” in the September issue.

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