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5 Minute Read

AI – A Venture Investment Opportunity That is Hard to Ignore

Generative AI is a transformative technology that holds the promise to fundamentally change how we learn, create, work, and live by accelerating our ability to solve myriad highly complex challenges. Venture capital will likely be at the forefront of this quantum shift by investing in founders with the vision to build a new generation of disruptive companies.
10 Minute Read

AI Holds Promise to Drive Standards of Care, Cut Healthcare Waste

From automating drug discovery and speeding up clinical decision making to reducing administration and improving record keeping, AI applications hold the promise to improve standards of care while reducing waste.
View of sky between office buildings

BAI Newsletter: From Berlin to Tallinn, ‘Founder Factories’ Boost European Venture

In the latest Bundesverband Alternative Investments (BAI) newsletter, Ross Morrison and Calum Paterson discuss the European venture capital ecosystem.
Thumbnail image of LocalGlobe Co-founder and Partner, Saul Klein
37 Minute Watch

A Conversation with LocalGlobe’s Saul Klein

Saul Klein talks with Ross Morrison about why the continent needs to help its technology companies develop beyond the IPO stage into the realm of megacaps.

Buyouts Magazine: From Upstarts to Titans

Buyouts spoke with Sunil Mishra, Sergey Sheshuryak, and James Korczak to discuss why emerging managers can provide an edge in pursuing niche, overlooked, or special strategies.
City skyline view- European Venture
6 Minute Read

From London to Tallinn, ‘Founder Factories’ Enhance Robust European Venture Ecosystem

“Founder factories” across Europe, such as Celonis, GoCardless, Personio, Spotify, UiPath and Wise, are producing a new generation of entrepreneurs who are building the next wave of unicorns, boosting an already robust venture capital ecosystem.

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