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Ross Morrison, CA
Partner, Primary Investments

Saul Klein, Co-Founder of Phoenix Court, home to LocalGlobe, Latitude, Solar, Basecamp and Phoenix Court Works, discusses the development of the venture capital business in Europe with Ross Morrison, Partner, Primary Investments, and why the continent needs to help its technology companies develop from the IPO stage into megacaps. The conversation took place at the Adams Street EMEA Investor Conference in London on May 11, 2023.


02:40: Saul Klein reflects on 30 years in venture capital investment in the US and London.
07:47: Adapting the Silicon Valley Risk-Reward Mindset to European VC
15:20: Shifts in the ecosystem that helped Europe to develop as an incubator of tech unicorns
20:08: Tech as a force for good; Europe’s need to scale its tech companies
28:15: Audience Q&A – the need for scale-up capital; wins, misses, exciting innovations, blockchain