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Selectively targeting high-growth assets within a less efficient process

Through direct dialogue with one of Adams Street’s general partners, the Secondary Investment Team was made aware of a family office seller that was looking to rebalance its investment portfolio through a secondary sale of a diverse portfolio of private equity funds.

Given our longstanding relationships with select general partners represented in the transaction, Adams Street was positioned as a preferred buyer. We were able to selectively identify and acquire a subset of the seller’s portfolio where competition was limited, and we had differentiated information access.

The targeted portfolio consisted of growth-oriented healthcare and fintech assets that fit Adams Street’s secondary strategy and allowed us to leverage Adams Street’s Growth Equity Team’s expertise in these sectors during due diligence. This information edge created high conviction around the investment and allowed for an efficient due diligence and closing process, making us an attractive partner for the seller and general partners involved.

For illustrative purposes only. This case study is provided solely to demonstrate Adams Street’s process, views and analysis in implementing its secondary strategy. It is not intended to predict the performance of any Adams Street investment. Past performance is not indicative of future results.