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The Evolution of Private Equity Fund Value*

Co-authored by Jian Zhang, this paper provides the first large-sample analysis of buyout and venture capital fund values over their lifetimes.

The Rise of ODD in Modern Private Equity Portfolios

Operational standards in private equity are on the rise; investors are taking note and expecting deeper analysis beyond investment risk.

LBO Fund Size Risk-Return Implications for Investors

Investors in Private Equity funds commonly think about portfolio construction in terms of factors like subclass (buyout vs. growth vs. venture).

Performance of Private Credit Funds: A First Look

Although private credit funds have grown into a standalone asset class over the last decade, little is known about their aggregate performance.

Private Equity: Manager Selection, Portfolio Construction, and Outperformance

As Private Equity has evolved, investors have attempted to understand the relationship between private equity, public equity, and leverage.

The Persistence of PE Performance

Adam Street discusses why investing in private equity requires considering several factors not relevant to investments in public equity.

Buyout, Venture Trends in a Robust Private Market

As investor interest in private equity grows, managers are increasingly adding product line extensions to diversify their offerings.

Bank Instability – Important Considerations for Private Equity Investors

Jeff Diehl, Adams Street’s Managing Partner & Head of Investments, shares observations and important considerations for private markets inves ...

In Private Credit Manager Selection, the Devil is in the Diligence

A new report from Jeff Diehl and Bill Sacher recommends choosing private credit managers with three key characteristics to avoid losses and produc ...

2023 ESG Report: Taking an Impactful Approach

Our second annual ESG Report delves into the progress we have made on certain ESG goals, the evolving ESG practices of our active GP relationships ...

2022 ESG Report: Towards Greater Transparency and Alignment

Our inaugural ESG Report illustrates the steps we are taking to enhance the level and depth of ESG data that we are compiling and reviewing.