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Private Credit Demonstrates Resiliency Amid Current Economic Conditions

We expect the floating-rate nature of private credit to make it a compelling financing alternative to public market debt as investors work to dige ...

The Advantages of Being a Lead Lender: Bill Sacher Q&A

For lead lenders, more access to information and influence over documentation can improve underwriting and drive superior risk-adjusted returns.

In Private Credit Manager Selection, the Devil is in the Diligence

A new report from Jeff Diehl and Bill Sacher recommends choosing private credit managers with three key characteristics to avoid losses and produc ...

Insurance Investor: Why Underwriting is Vital to Private Credit Success

Insurance Investor spoke with Fred Chung, Partner & Head of Credit Underwriting, to discuss why strong underwriting is a key determinant of s ...

PDI Expert Q&A: Shift to Private Debt Represents ‘A Step Change’

Private Debt Investor recently spoke with Bill Sacher, James Charalambides, and Leland Richards to discuss the popularity of the direct lending ma ...

Bank Instability – Important Considerations for Private Equity Investors

Jeff Diehl, Adams Street’s Managing Partner & Head of Investments, shares observations and important considerations for private markets inves ...

Financial Investigator: Private Credit Enters Potentially Attractive Vintage Era

In the March issue of Financial Investigator, Bill Sacher discusses how rising yields, improving risk parameters, and better deal terms form a tri ...

Will Private Credit Returns Surpass Private Equity, Even as Risk Declines?

We believe returns in private credit are approaching levels of the median buyout fund, while lenders are also enjoying increased protections and i ...

Signs Indicate Potential Attractive Vintage Era for Private Credit

A trifecta of rising yields, improving capital structures, and generally favorable deal terms may signal the onset of an attractive vintage era fo ...

Private Credit Update: Maintaining Stable Valuations in Uncertain Markets

We offer our perspective on private credit valuations in the US for Q1 and Q2 2020, as well as the outlook for both valuations and liquidity.

Industrial Sector Perspectives: Finding Opportunity Amid Supply Chain, Labor Uncertainty

Between forced closures, subsequent supply chain disruption, labor shortages and whipsawing demand, many industrial companies were impacted by the ...

Private Credit Update: Resilience and Opportunity When Facing Inflation

Private credit has the long-held reputation of being a relatively steady, resilient investment choice when faced with market uncertainty.

Private Credit 2021 Outlook: A Steady Ship in Choppy Waters

In a climate of increasing uncertainty, institutional investors are trusting private credit to provide high-yield, stable solutions.

Q&A with Bill Sacher: Private Credit Considerations for Investors in 2021

Jeffrey Diehl recently moderated a Q&A with Bill Sacher to review how private credit fared in 2020 and discuss the outlook for 2021.

Performance of Private Credit Funds: A First Look

Although private credit funds have grown into a standalone asset class over the last decade, little is known about their aggregate performance.