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London Office Opened and International Investing Program

In 1997 we opened our London office to launch our international investing program. Today, Adams Street Partners has 11 locations around the world, with investments across more than 30 nations.

Opened Sydney Office

50 Years in Private Markets

Adams Street is Founded

Industry’s First Fund of Funds

The same advisor team that founded Adams Street formed the industry’s first venture capital fund-of-funds.

First Separate Account

First Industry Benchmarks

Established the first industry benchmarks with Thomson Reuters

First Secondary Investment

Industry’s First Dedicated Secondary Funds; Development of Private Equity Industry Valuation Guidelines

Adams Street established one of the industry’s first dedicated secondary funds. Additionally, Adams Street played an integral role in the creation of valuation guidelines for the private equity industry.

Brinson Partners Inc. Formed; Commenced Co-Investing

First Chicago Investment Advisors spun out of First National Bank of Chicago in 1989 to form Brinson Partners, Inc. Today, Adams Street Partners — still headquartered in Chicago — is one of the most visible and respected names in private Read More ›

AIMR/CFA Performance Guidelines

Helped establish AIMR/CFA performance guidelines for the industry

Joined Swiss Bank

Brinson Partners, Inc. joined Swiss Bank Corporation, which subsequently became UBS AG.

Opened Austin Office

Began Dedicated Research in Asia

Inducted into Private Equity Hall of Fame