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Adams Street is proud to announce our investment in the $200 million Series D fundraise for Glean, a transformative enterprise search platform which utilizes generative AI to search across an enterprise’s digital assets and applications such as Outlook e-mail, GitHub, Okta, Slack, Teams, Salesforce, and more to find the data that workers need to quickly and efficiently perform essential tasks.

The Right Time

The inability to quickly find important documents, e-mails, or other key data is a workplace issue that can lead to significant time loss and a frustrating employee experience.

Technical hurdles including the diversity and volume of data, strict security and access controls, and the need for search results that are relevant and contextual have traditionally made enterprise search a challenge. Many CIOs have acknowledged the need for a robust solution but have been unable to find one that can effectively handle the complexity of enterprise search.

However, an increasing reliance on subscription-based Software as a Service (SaaS) applications that leverage strong application programming interfaces (API) for integration and data interaction, has helped pave the way for advanced solutions such as Glean. This evolution, and the changing requirements of digital workplaces, have made enterprise search a reality.

The Right Product

Glean’s search engine and robust SaaS integrations provide advanced functionality beyond standard search capabilities. It incorporates contextual information, such as user interactions and related information, with the ability to enhance knowledge through interactive features including Q&A and answer verifications. The platform’s unique strength lies in its “knowledge graph,” which personalizes search results for each user, tailoring information based on individual interactions and data patterns.

Glean has always been an artificial intelligence (AI) company, but the integration of enterprise search capabilities, coupled with advances in generative AI and other adjacent technologies such as vector databases, transform how information is processed and tasks are executed. This advanced technology allows the Glean platform to retrieve, interpret and act upon information. For instance, Glean can analyze and predict customer expansion opportunities by processing relevant business metrics and data trends, delivering nuanced and actionable insights. Glean is designed to do this while maintaining security and strict data permission controls. Glean’s fusion of enterprise search and generative AI helps usher in a new era of enterprise search for businesses.

The Right Team

Glean’s executive team has extensive experience founding and building generational software and technology companies. Chief Executive Officer Arvind Jain was a distinguished engineer at Google for more than a decade, where he helped build the core search product. He then co-founded Rubrik, a multi-billion-dollar data management company. Arvind and his co-founders, T.R. Vishwanath, Piyush Prahladka, and Tony Gentilcore, have assembled a team of elite engineers from Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Oracle, and Uber. We believe this gives Glean the potential to revolutionize enterprise productivity on a global scale.

Adams Street is proud to partner with Glean on its innovative and disruptive journey. Glean’s vision to offer every employee a “work double,” capable of managing tasks, communications, and organizational knowledge, aligns with our commitment to technological advancement and workplace efficiency. Congratulations to Glean on its successful Series D.

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