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Terry invests in venture and growth-oriented companies with a focus on the healthcare space.

Terry sits on the Board of Directors of Aptinyx, Atox Bio, Corvus, Fusion Pharmaceuticals, Icosavax, Orbus, Outpost Medicine, Partner Therapeutics, and Qpex Biopharma. He is a Board Observer at Millendo. He is a former Board Member at CombiChem, INC Research, Incline Therapeutics, and Proteus Digital Health. He is responsible for several other successful investments including Heartport, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Naurex Pharmaceuticals, NxStage Medical, Pharmacyclics, Rempex Pharmaceuticals, Revivant, Spinal Dynamics, and Vivant Medical.

Terry is a member of the Adams Street Partners Growth Equity Investment Committee and the Co-Investment Committee.

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