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Louis Holland is currently President and CFO at CUMOTA, LLC. Co-founded in 2008 with his wife, Darcy, CUMOTA, LLC. is a family office specializing in real estate and private markets investing, motivational and educational speaking engagements, consulting services, and teaching opportunities. Prior to his retirement from corporate life and co-founding CUMOTA, LLC., Mr. Holland held tenured careers at Nuveen Investments, John Hancock Funds, and Oppenheimer Capital’s Quest for Value Mutual Funds. Mr. Holland’s career included leadership positions where he was responsible for running all sales and services, e-commerce and marketing, organizational management, sales management, and wealth management. Mr. Holland’s 36-year career was focused on the Asset Management and Investment Business, primarily on separately managed accounts, mutual funds, closed end mutual funds, ETF’s, ETN’s, and retirement accounts in all asset classes.

Mr. Holland currently serves on the Board of Directors at Schmaltz Restaurant Group, LLC., TNE Management, LLC., Brickland Partners, Inc., and E-Valuator Risk Managed Strategies Funds. Additionally, Mr. Holland serves on the Non-for-Profit Board of Directors for the University of Wisconsin Foundation Alumni Association and is the Chair for the UW-Madison L&S Board of Visitors.

Previously, Mr. Holland served on the Board of Directors and committees at Holland Capital Management, LLC., an Asset Management Business, National Alzheimer’s Association Board of Directors, was the Chairman of the Board of Directors at the University of Wisconsin Madison School of Medicine and Public Health’s Initiative to End Alzheimer’s Disease, Forum for Investor Advice (merged into Managed Money Institute), National Kidney Foundation of Illinois, Security Industry Association (merged into SIFMA, Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association), and the National “W” Club.

Mr. Holland completed the Securities Industry Institute at the Wharton School of Business at University of Pennsylvania, as well as the John F. Kennedy School of Government Executive Program at Harvard University.

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