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David Brett
Partner & Head of Co-Investments
Jeffrey Akers
Partner & Head of Secondary Investments

The challenging economic environment is expected to continue to generate compelling opportunities for both co-investment and secondaries strategies, say Adams Street Partners’ David Brett and Jeff Akers to Private Equity International (PEI).

“Investor appetite for co-investment products remains strong. This is reinforced by the cost advantage that co-investment has historically offered to LPs.”
David Brett, Partner & Head of Co-Investments

“Most LPs view the tactical opportunity today as highly attractive and are particularly keen to invest with secondaries managers that can build conviction in a market that is full of uncertainty.”
Jeff Akers, Partner & Head of Secondary Investments

Learn more about Adams Street’s perspective on co-investments and secondaries in the full article titled, “Keynote Interview: Volatility Buoys Co-Investing and Secondaries,” in the May issue.

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