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Why We Invested in Arctic Wolf – Ending Cyber Risk

Adams Street has made a follow-on investment in Arctic Wolf, a SaaS-based security operations platform that seeks to end cyber risk.

Why We Invested in Lyra – Transforming Behavioral Health

Adams Street has invested in Lyra, a mental health provider that is transforming behavioral healthcare through technology with a human touch.

Why We Invested in Robinhood – Democratizing Finance

Adams Street has invested in the Series F of Robinhood, an investment platform offering zero commission trades.

Building Better Conversations – Why We Invested in Aircall

Adams Street has invested in the Series C of Aircall, a cloud-based voice ecosystem that is democratizing call center software.

Taking the Pain out of Home Buying – Why We Invested in Homeward

Adams Street has led the Series A investment in Homeward, an end-to-end residential real estate platform.

Healthier Patients, Happier Physicians

The healthcare industry shift toward a value-based care model has been a focus of Adams Street’s Growth Equity Team for several years.

Why We Invested in ClassDojo – Helping Every Child Get an Educational Experience They Love

Adams Street has invested in ClassDojo, a social network connecting teachers with students and parents to build amazing classroom communities.

Why We Invested in Iterable – Developing Deeper Customer Relationships

Adams Street led the $200 million Series E of Iterable, a cloud-native, omni-channel marketing and customer engagement platform.

Why We Invested in Remote – Powering Global Teams

Adams Street invested in the $150mm Series B of Remote, a HR solution for companies to help employ full-time and contract workers globally.

Modernizing Data Analytics – Why We Invested in Dremio

Adams Street led the Series E investment in Dremio, the SQL data lakehouse platform that enables enterprises to run mission-critical BI.

Why We Invested in Altruist – Increasing Access to Financial Advice

Adams Street invested in the $112 million Series D of Altruist, a vertically integrated, digital investment and custodial platform for independent ...

Why We Invested in Cato Networks – Securing the Networks of Tomorrow, Today

Adams Street invested in the $238 million Series F1 of Cato Networks, a global Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) platform provider that enables or ...

Why We Invested in Turquoise Health – Eliminating the Financial Complexity of Healthcare

Turquoise’s software streamlines transparent pricing workflows for healthcare organizations, while clarifying costs for patients.

Why We Invested in Glean – Empowering Enterprise AI Productivity

Glean’s fusion of enterprise search and generative AI helps usher in a new era of employee productivity.

Why We Invested in Cyberhaven – Restoring Ownership in the Modern Enterprise

Cyberhaven’s AI-powered data security tool protects the intellectual property of companies against both internal and external threats.