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Why We Invested in Arctic Wolf – Ending Cyber Risk

Adams Street has made a follow-on investment in Arctic Wolf, a SaaS-based security operations platform that seeks to end cyber risk.

Fintech: All Serviceable Addressable Markets are Not Created Equal

When evaluating new investment opportunities, a key part of due diligence is determining the size of the company’s Serviceable Addressable Market.

Cybersecurity Market Update: October 2020

Adams Street provides analysis and commentary on Q3 2020 performance and trends in the cybersecurity sector.

Building Better Conversations – Why We Invested in Aircall

Adams Street has invested in the Series C of Aircall, a cloud-based voice ecosystem that is democratizing call center software.

Taking the Pain out of Home Buying – Why We Invested in Homeward

Adams Street has led the Series A investment in Homeward, an end-to-end residential real estate platform.

Why We Invested in ClassDojo – Helping Every Child Get an Educational Experience They Love

Adams Street has invested in ClassDojo, a social network connecting teachers with students and parents to build amazing classroom communities.

Why We Invested in Altruist – Increasing Access to Financial Advice

Adams Street invested in the $112 million Series D of Altruist, a vertically integrated, digital investment and custodial platform for independent ...

Growth Equity Market Appears Primed to Shine, But Beware of Slippery Rocks

Technological innovation and excess demand for capital augur well for growth equity managers with strong records in their discipline and a focus o ...

Embracing Down Rounds: A Potential Path to Long-Term Equity Value

A well-executed down round may be a better option than reducing cash burn for founders looking to keep revenue and equity valuation growth on track.