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Why We Invested in Lyra – Transforming Behavioral Health

Adams Street has invested in Lyra, a mental health provider that is transforming behavioral healthcare through technology with a human touch.

Cybersecurity Market Update: September 2020

Adams Street provides analysis and commentary on Q2 2020 performance and trends in the cybersecurity sector.

Why We Invested in Robinhood – Democratizing Finance

Adams Street has invested in the Series F of Robinhood, an investment platform offering zero commission trades.

Healthier Patients, Happier Physicians

The healthcare industry shift toward a value-based care model has been a focus of Adams Street’s Growth Equity Team for several years.

A Proactive Approach to Cybersecurity

2018 proved to be a banner year for cybersecurity, due in large part to costly and public data breaches and cyber attacks.

A Conversation with VillageMD’s Tim Barry

Tim Barry, CEO and Chair of VillageMD, talks with Adams Street’s Robin Murray about how value-based health care can provide patient outcomes for p ...

A Conversation with Sebastian Mallaby

In the keynote session at the 2022 Adams Street European Conference in London, author Sebastian Mallaby discussed his book “The Power Law” and the ...

Funding Imbalance, Thriving Innovation Boost Growth Equity Outlook

Many growth stage companies that delayed fundraising in 2022 as valuations dipped will likely have to seek additional capital by the end of 2023, ...

PEI Keynote Interview: Fertile Ground for Growth Equity

Private Equity International recently spoke with Robin Murray, Tom Bremner, and Fred Wang to discuss the outlook on growth capital investing.

Why We Invested in Altruist – Increasing Access to Financial Advice

Adams Street invested in the $112 million Series D of Altruist, a vertically integrated, digital investment and custodial platform for independent ...

A Conversation with Remote’s Job van der Voort

Job van der Voort and Brian Dudley discuss the future of work and how generative AI can automate essential tasks to help build distributed operati ...

Why We Invested in Turquoise Health – Eliminating the Financial Complexity of Healthcare

Turquoise’s software streamlines transparent pricing workflows for healthcare organizations, while clarifying costs for patients.

Why We Invested in Glean – Empowering Enterprise AI Productivity

Glean’s fusion of enterprise search and generative AI helps usher in a new era of employee productivity.

Mergermarket Fireside Chat: Brian Dudley on Growth Equity as an Attractive Asset Class

Brian Dudley discusses the intricacies of growth equity as an attractive asset class.

Embracing Down Rounds: A Potential Path to Long-Term Equity Value

A well-executed down round may be a better option than reducing cash burn for founders looking to keep revenue and equity valuation growth on track.