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Top Considerations for Investors in Secondaries: How Buyers Are Navigating Opportunities and Challenges

Following the COVID-19 outbreak, the secondaries market anticipated meaningful disruption to underlying portfolio companies and future markdowns.

The Secondary Market under COVID-19: Learning from the Great Financial Crisis

With COVID-19 causing unprecedented dislocation, secondary investors are searching for a roadmap to guide them through the turmoil.

Q&A: Addressing the Top Questions for Investors in Today’s Secondary Market

Jeff Diehl moderated a webinar with Jeff Akers and Pinal Nicum, in which they discussed investor questions as they navigate the secondary market.

Investing in Secondaries: Opportunities Favor the Prepared Mind

Adams Street believes that current market conditions will create opportunities for appropriately positioned secondary buyers.

Secondary Market Outlook

Despite the global health and economic challenges the pandemic presented in 2020, the year also provided an opportunity in the secondary market.

Navigating Volatility Through the Secondary Market

Market volatility is likely to continue throughout 2022 in our view, which should help boost secondary deal flow for several quarters.

Q&A with Jeff Akers: Top 5 Questions in Today’s Secondary Market

Adams Street believes secondaries deal volume will be robust through 2022 and that volatility will create opportunity for buyers who can distingui ...

Bank Instability – Important Considerations for Private Equity Investors

Jeff Diehl, Adams Street’s Managing Partner & Head of Investments, shares observations and important considerations for private markets inves ...

PEI Keynote Interview: The Secondaries Paradox

Private Equity International spoke with Jeff Akers and Joe Goldrick to discuss why now could be an ideal time to be a secondaries buyer.

AI Holds Promise to Drive Standards of Care, Cut Healthcare Waste

AI has the potential to upend every industry, and the $9 trillion global healthcare sector is no exception. From automating drug discovery and spe ...

Capturing Secondary Market Structural Benefits – A 3D Perspective

Well-informed secondary buyers with strong GP relationships are often positioned to deliver the core benefits of secondaries – discount at entry, ...