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A Proactive Approach to Cybersecurity

2018 proved to be a banner year for cybersecurity, due in large part to costly and public data breaches and cyber attacks.

Cybersecurity Market Update: January 2021

Adams Street provides analysis and commentary on Q4 2020 performance and trends in the cybersecurity sector.

Why We Invested in ClassDojo – Helping Every Child Get an Educational Experience They Love

Adams Street has invested in ClassDojo, a social network connecting teachers with students and parents to build amazing classroom communities.

Telemedicine Utilization Exploded in the Early Days of the Pandemic. What’s Next?

The recognition that the healthcare system needs to join the rest of the technology-enabled world has driven digital health investment to new heights.

Cybersecurity Market Update: April 2021

Cybersecurity companies are trading at healthy valuations and we believe will continue to be important to the broader digital transformation movement.

Why We Invested in Arctic Wolf – Ending Cyber Risk

Adams Street has made a follow-on investment in Arctic Wolf, a SaaS-based security operations platform that seeks to end cyber risk.

Proptech and SPACs: Why 2020 May Have Created the Perfect Storm

2020 was an undoubtedly turbulent year. As real estate / property technology investors, Adams Street was not immune to the macro environment.

Fintech: All Serviceable Addressable Markets are Not Created Equal

When evaluating new investment opportunities, a key part of due diligence is determining the size of the company’s Serviceable Addressable Market.

Why We Invested in Iterable – Developing Deeper Customer Relationships

Adams Street led the $200 million Series E of Iterable, a cloud-native, omni-channel marketing and customer engagement platform.

Cybersecurity Market Update: October 2020

Adams Street provides analysis and commentary on Q3 2020 performance and trends in the cybersecurity sector.

Why We Invested in Remote – Powering Global Teams

Adams Street invested in the $150mm Series B of Remote, a HR solution for companies to help employ full-time and contract workers globally.

Why We Invested in Lyra – Transforming Behavioral Health

Adams Street has invested in Lyra, a mental health provider that is transforming behavioral healthcare through technology with a human touch.

Why Now? A Look at Recent Trends in Behavioral Health

Across the Adams Street platform, 2020 was a record year in terms of total deal count and volume for investments in behavioral health.

Cybersecurity Market Update: September 2020

Adams Street provides analysis and commentary on Q2 2020 performance and trends in the cybersecurity sector.

Modernizing Data Analytics – Why We Invested in Dremio

Adams Street led the Series E investment in Dremio, the SQL data lakehouse platform that enables enterprises to run mission-critical BI.