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Co-Investments: Avoiding Adverse Selection and Generating Outperformance

Adding co-investments to a portfolio has become increasingly prevalent due to the reduced fees and potential for alpha generation.

Co-Investments: Strategies for Capital Deployment

Over the years, the market for equity co-investments has grown meaningfully alongside the broader private equity industry.

Trends in Asia Co-Investments: Maturing Markets and Growing Opportunities

Adams Street has found that Asia markets have a resiliency to macro and geopolitical risks from weathering numerous market cycles.

Global Trends in Co-Investments: A Q&A with Dave Brett

Dave Brett and Jeff Diehl discussed trends in global co-investments and how Adams Street views the future of this expanding opportunity set.

Impact of the 2020 US Election on Healthcare

With the 2020 US elections behind us, we now await the impact of a Democratic presidency and Congress on the US healthcare system.

Why Now? A Look at Recent Trends in Behavioral Health

Across the Adams Street platform, 2020 was a record year in terms of total deal count and volume for investments in behavioral health.

Portfolio Construction in the Context of a Global Private Markets Platform

The success or failure of an individual company is in part determined by the context it operates within.

Industrial Sector Perspectives: Finding Opportunity Amid Supply Chain, Labor Uncertainty

Between forced closures, subsequent supply chain disruption, labor shortages and whipsawing demand, many industrial companies were impacted by the ...

Q&A With David Brett: Five Key Questions for Co-Investors as Recession Risk Rises

Compared to typical buyout funds, co-investments can give co-investors more control over the companies they allocate to at potentially lower costs ...

Bank Instability – Important Considerations for Private Equity Investors

Jeff Diehl, Adams Street’s Managing Partner & Head of Investments, shares observations and important considerations for private markets inves ...

Buyouts Magazine: Co-Investment Advantages Boost Investor Interest

Co-investments can add incremental, tactical private equity exposure for a typically lower all-in cost, say David Brett, Michael Taylor and Craig ...

Why We Invested in Cembrit –
Co-Investment Partners Matter

Ben Wallwork describes some of the headwinds faced by Danish manufacturer Cembrit and the steps taken by the lead GP and Adams Street to reach a p ...

AI Holds Promise to Drive Standards of Care, Cut Healthcare Waste

From automating drug discovery and speeding up clinical decision making to reducing administration and improving record keeping, AI applications h ...

Integrated Platforms Can Provide Valuable Insights For Co-Investments

Co-investment managers who can tap a large pool of GPs generated by an integrated platform can boost deal flow, diligence, and portfolio insights.

Disciplined Selection is Key to
Co-Investments Amid Higher Interest Rates

Amid high interest rates, access to high-quality deal flow alongside experienced GPs and disciplined underwriting are critical alpha generation tools.