Our Executive Committee collectively has more than 225 years of investment experience and is charged with ensuring that the firm operates thoughtfully, collaboratively, and proactively on behalf of our clients. Our Board of Directors is a diverse group of some of the finest and most respected financial minds in the industry.

Our Portfolio Construction Committee and investment committees play a major role in shaping, directing, and monitoring our investment programs. These committees consist of some of Adams Street's brightest thinkers, and we are proud of the leadership and innovation they bring to every area of our business.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee includes senior partners, accountable for reviewing and determining the strategic direction of Adams Street. They work closely with the Operating Committee.

Operating Committee

The Operating Committee is made up of senior partners who are responsible for addressing all non-investment matters. They work closely with the Executive Committee.

Independent Board

The Board consists of three independent executives, responsible for reviewing the investment, operating, and financial performance of Adams Street. They also offer perspective and experience regarding strategic goals and objectives.

Investment Committees

The appropriate investment committee approves each investment that Adams Street makes on behalf of its clients.

Portfolio Construction Committee

Includes senior partners who are responsible for the development and application of Adams Street’s investment strategies. They also examine and allocate subclass and time diversification exposures within the funds.