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Jeffrey Diehl
Managing Partner & Head of Investments

Jeff Diehl, Managing Partner & Head of Investments, joined a webinar produced for Adams Street Partners by EI Studios, the custom division of Economist Impact, to discuss how innovation drives investment opportunities in private markets. Each wave of the pandemic, spanning over two years, has changed the global economy in unexpected ways. Unprecedented levels of fiscal and monetary support in the first year of the pandemic helped stabilize markets and have encouraged innovation in a number of industries. We believe that private market investors are well positioned to benefit from the innovation supercycle that’s being driven by digitization of the global economy, a decades-long transformation accelerated by the pandemic. The webinar explored how technology and healthcare innovation, flexible workplaces, and impact investing are powering a consequential age for private market investors.


1:54: Jeff Diehl’s opening remarks
8:44: Innovation supercycle driving private market opportunities
17:03: Fintech, blockchain, create tailwinds
23:31: Technology is underpinning the innovation supercycle
26:38: Developments in healthcare
29:43: Private versus public market performance
34:16: Private market commitments as NAVs rise
37:21: Managing geopolitical and macroeconomic risk
42:55: Drivers of regional opportunity
44:57: ESG: creating standards and measuring key performance indicators
47:04: The future of work – embracing hybrid and remote models
50:34: Advantages of private market investing