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Doris (Yiyang) Guo, CICPA
Partner, Primary Investments

Doris (Yiyang) Guo, Partner, Primary Investments, recently hosted a conversation with David Zhang, Founding Managing Partner of Matrix Partners China. Matrix China is widely recognized as one of the best venture capital firms in Asia by both entrepreneurs and LPs.

In this video, David shares his unique perspective on the Chinese venture investment landscape, Matrix China’s 13-year evolution, and how the firm seeks to generate outperformance through intelligent investing and identify new and exciting opportunities in an ever-changing market. He also offers insight into how Matrix China’s unique position and platform contribute to the firm’s success.

2:00: Matrix China’s history and relationship with Adams Street
3:15: Investment drivers in China
5:05: Top themes and sectors
7:34: Notable portfolio companies
8:47: Risk mitigation
12:21: Macroeconomic risks and opportunities in the wake of COVID-19
14:07: Navigating a highly competitive market
15:36: Partnering with Matrix China
16:35: Team expertise and lessons learned
19:03: Matrix China’s commitment to China and empowering young people
23:01: Attributes of great entrepreneurs