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Kelly Meldrum, Partner & Head of Primary Investments at Adams Street, recently sat down with Bryan Taylor, Advent International’s Managing Partner and Head of their Technology Investment Team to discuss how tech is penetrating multiple segments of enterprises and the secular trends driving proliferation in software. Bryan illustrated how technology intersects with every industry, enabling businesses to solve critical pain points and better serve their end customers. In addition, Brian explained how Advent has competitively positioned their tech franchise to capitalize on market opportunities focused on high-growth, innovative businesses.


2:16: Tech is eating the world
8:40: The resiliency of technology
9:43: Software and data valuations
11:48: COVID-19 impact on tech investing
14:00: Cybersecurity market tailwinds
15:45: Integrated payments
19:26: Advent Tech: competitive positioning
26:41: Digital transformation
28:06: Will buyout firms need software expertise to be successful?
29:15: SPACs