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Matt Autrey
Partner, Primary Investments
Ana Maria Harrison
Partner, Investor Relations
Yohan Hill
Principal & Director of ESG and Responsible Investing, Investment Strategy and Risk Management

Private Equity International (PEI) spoke with Matt Autrey, Ana Maria Harrison, and Yohan Hill, to discuss the increased LP interest in impact opportunities.

“There is surging interest in impact from both institutional and retail investors, and a large proportion of that being driven by investors’ desire to have investments aligned with their priorities and values. Regulation is also a factor, as there are several net-zero initiatives gathering momentum globally that incentivize impact investments.”
Matt Autrey, Partner, Primary Investments

Learn more about how Adams Street sees investor interest in the impact investing space in the full article titled “Keynote Interview: LP Appetite for Impact Continues to Surge” in the November issue.

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