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Robin Murray
Partner & Head of Growth Equity Investments
Thomas Bremner, CFA
Partner, Growth Equity
Fred Wang
Partner, Growth Equity

Falling valuations and increasing emphasis on efficient and sustainable growth by private companies are likely to make conditions ripe for growth capital investing, say Adams Street Partners’ Robin Murray, Tom Bremner and Fred Wang to Private Equity International (PEI).

“Downturns can make it easy for entrepreneurs to build businesses. There is less competition for customers, talent, office space, etcetera. The one real downside is that equity is now more expensive. From an investor’s point of view, obviously the best time to invest is when valuations are low. I have been a venture capital investor for 25 years and I believe we are entering a phenomenal couple of years in which to invest.”
Robin Murray, Partner & Head of Growth Equity

Learn more about Adams Street’s perspective in the full article titled, “Keynote Interview: Fertile Ground for Growth Equity” in the May issue.

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