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Bill Sacher
Partner & Head of Private Credit

Yields from private debt are currently at decade highs, potentially making this a very attractive vintage for the asset class, says Adams Street Partners’ Bill Sacher to Private Debt Investor (PDI).

“In our opinion base rates are likely to remain relatively high as compared to the past 10 years, so the yields that can be obtained in private credit are at decade highs. In addition, the risk profile of these investments is generally lower, which is the aspect that we often hear makes the opportunity so compelling, given some of the looming uncertainties in the market. That combination – high yields that compare favourably with most credit investment alternatives, and the ability to play defence at the same time – is unusual and can make private credit particularly well suited for the times.”
Bill Sacher, Partner & Head of Private Credit

Learn more about how Adams Street views opportunities in private credit in the full article titled “The Compelling Opportunity in Mid-Market Credit,” in the June issue.

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