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Kelly Meldrum, Partner & Head of Primary Investments, recently hosted a conversation with Tom Barnds, Co-Managing Partner of Accel-KKR, a leading private equity firm focused on software and tech-enabled services. In Tom’s 20 plus years at Accel-KKR, the firm has acquired or invested in over 250 technology companies and is considered a pioneer in the space. In this video, Kelly and Tom discuss how software is becoming increasingly prevalent in the buyout sector and how Accel-KKR’s portfolio has successfully navigated the pandemic. Tom also shares his unique perspective on the trends and opportunities he sees in the buyout industry.


3:30: Accel-KKR’s position in the software sector
8:16: Accel-KKR’s sourcing model
12:15: Portfolio performance and lessons learned from the GFC
18:14: New investments and current valuation environment
22:36: Future of software buyout market
25:23: Favorite podcast/book
26:43: Election impact on deal volume
27:31: Virtual due diligence
28:18: Impact on expected returns in a competitive environment