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Brijesh Jeevarathnam
Partner & Global Head of Fund Investments

David Pakman, Managing Partner at CoinFund, and Adams Street’s Brijesh Jeevarathnam, Partner & Co-Head of Global Venture Fund Investments, Primary Investments, discussed the disruptive potential of emergent Web3 and blockchain technologies at the Adams Street US Investor Conference in Chicago. CoinFund, founded in 2015, partners with creators of digital assets and those developing the infrastructure that will help shape the future of decentralized blockchain technologies.


01:25: Setting the Stage – Blockchain as a foundational technology
02:50: David Pakman Introduction and CoinFund Overview
04:52: The advent of Web3 and decentralized blockchain technologies
07:00: The disruptive potential of blockchain-based technologies and Web3 software development
10:30: Rebuilding the Internet as open, blockchain-based, distributed networks
12:41: Use Case: Digital Collectibles, a $25 billion market in 2021 powered by the digital native generation
14:54: Why the trend is sustainable
17:19: Is the regulatory outlook turning more positive for those concerned about reputation and risk?
18:52: What could we be wrong about?
20:29: And, Not Or: How investors should think about allocations
25:28: Why being a blockchain specialist matters
27:05: The entrepreneurial landscape and mindset of blockchain software developers
29:30: Digital central currencies and stablecoins
30:33: Safeguards for retail investors?
32:25: How to ascribe intrinsic value to digital assets
33:51: Generational Divide: Adoption by digital natives
34:23: Digital Creativity and Disintermediation: Web3’s killer apps?